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MORBIUS: A New Look At Jared Leto's Living Vampire Has Been Revealed
As of right now, the plan is for Morbius to be released this July, and a new Comic-Con magazine has found its way online today showcasing Michael Morbius' transformation into the SUMC's Living Vampire...

Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN Is Finally Coming To A Streaming Service This April
We're all struggling to find things to watch at the moment, but there's some good news today as Sam Raimi's classic Spider-Man will finally be available to stream next month. Hit the jump for details...

Marvel Cinematic Universe's SPIDER-MAN And DAREDEVIL Finally Team-Up In Amazing Piece Of Fan-Art
Earlier this week, there were some (incorrect) rumblings that Daredevil will appear in the next Spider-Man movie, and this spectacular fan-art finally pairs up the MCU's version of this fan-favourite duo!

10 More Obscure SPIDER-MAN Characters Who Could Steal The Show In Their Own SUMC Movies
Yesterday, the news broke that Sony is developing movies based on characters Solo and Man-Wolf, and we're now taking a look at 10 more obscure heroes and villains from Spidey's world who could join them...

INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Star Jake Johnson Offers Spider-Man Voice Messages To Quarantined Kids
Well, this is a lot more spectacular than that tuneless rendition of "Imagine"! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse star Jake Johnson has taken to social media to offer free voice messages to kids...

SOLO And MAN-WOLF Spinoffs Reportedly In Development As Part Of Sony's Universe Of Marvel Characters
Two very unexpected Spider-Man spinoff movies are in the works at Sony Pictures as a new report claims that features revolving around counter terrorist agent Solo and the monstrous Man-Wolf. Check it out!

Kevin Smith Clarifies Recent "Rumor" He Shared About Daredevil Being In SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Sequel
You might have heard about Kevin Smith (Mallrats) sharing a rumor about Charlie Cox returning as Daredevil in the next Spider-Man movie, but the popular director has now been forced to correct himself!

Rumor Roundup: SPIDER-WOMAN Update; MAD MAX: FURIOSA Casting; Norman Osborn In The MCU & More
It's been a slow news week thanks to our old mate coronavirus, but the rumor mill has continued to churn. Now, we've rounded up some of the more interesting rumors from the past few days. Take a look...

Tom Holland Confirms SPIDER-MAN 3 Shoot Date & Zendaya's Return; Calls The Script "Insane"
During a new interview, Avengers: Endgame star Tom Holland revealed that production is set to begin on Spider-Man 3 this summer in Atlanta, Georgia. He also confirmed Zendaya's return as MJ, and more...

SPIDER-MAN: MAXIMUM VENOM Poster Spells Trouble For One Peter Parker; Premiere Date Revealed
Looks like it's time to get Venomized. Marvel and Disney XD have released the official poster for the upcoming third season of Marvel's Spider-Man, which has been retitled Spider-Man: Maximum Venom!

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Star Tom Holland Will Reprise Role For Disneyland's Web-Slingers Attraction
Following the news that Disneyland's Avengers Campus has an opening date, it's been officially confirmed that Tom Holland will reprise the role of Marvel's resident web-slinger in the Web-Slingers ride!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Writer Roberto Orci To Pen Untitled SPIDER-MAN Project For Sony
We don't have much to go on with this one, but screenwriter Roberto Orci (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Star Trek) has reportedly signed on to pen a mysterious new Spider-Man project for Sony Pictures...

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Star Michael Mando Seemingly Teases Scorpion's Return To The MCU/SUMC
Michael Mando (Better Call Saul) played Mac Gargan in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but we haven't seen him since. Now, the actor has seemingly teased a possible return to the role in a future project...

SPIDER-MAN 3: 5 Villains Who Could Be The Wall-Crawler's Next MCU Foe (And 5 Who Won't Be)
The third Spider-Man movie from Marvel Studios starts shooting this summer, but who should be next to face the web-slinger on the big screen? Here, we break down the likely, and not so likely, candidates!

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Star Michael Mando Says There's "Always A Chance" For Scorpion To Return
Better Call Saul star Michael Mando made a memorable impact in Spider-Man: Homecoming when he played the villainous Mac Gargan, but could we see him return to the MCU as Scorpion in the near future?

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: 10 Crazy Alternate Designs For Electro You Need To See
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was considered less than spectacular by many fans and critics, but these alternate Electro designs are a must-see, especially as they're way cooler than what was in the sequel...

SPIDER-MAN 3 Working Title, Marvel TV Show Changes, Kevin Feige's Cameo In THE SIMPSONS, & More Marvel News
We have a great roundup of Marvel news today as the next Spider-Man movie's working title has been revealed, while we also have promo art from the Avengers video game, and Kevin Feige in The Simpsons!

Doctor Octopus Will Be Part Of "Web-Slinger" Ride In Disney California Leading To SPIDER-MAN 3 Speculation
We've heard nothing about Marvel Studios' plans for Spider-Man 3's big bad, but plans for the "Web-Slinger" ride in Disneyland's Avengers Campus has fans wondering whether it could be Doctor Octopus...

SPIDER-MAN 3: Tom Holland Says Sony Had "Really Wonderful Idea" To Transition Spidey Out Of The MCU
Tom Holland has talked more about Spider-Man remaining in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but reveals that Sony Pictures had some ideas about how the wall-crawler was going to leave that shared world...

SPIDER-MAN Star Tom Holland Says He "Knows Everything" About The Upcoming Third Movie
Spider-Man star Tom Holland has become known for spilling details about upcoming Marvel movies during interviews, but it looks like the Avengers: Endgame actor has learned when to sidestep a question!

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